Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bozi Boziana's L'Heure de Verite

Bozi Boziana has put out a new CD called L'Heure de Verite. On this new album, joined by singer Blaissesse Ayembe and backed by guitarists Alino Mpiazza and Olivier Tshimanga, he revisits some of his classics from the Anti-Choc years.
On the next edition of Ambiance Congo, I'll spin a song that shows quite well that Bozi still has IT and just how creative young Olivier Tshimanga can be.
Meanwhile, please enjoy this remake of "La Reine de Sabah". I encourage you to buy this CD!

To hear the song, copy and paste this link to your browser.


dj said...

Daudi.....great show so far....the Bozi tune was da bomb !

Ambiance Congo said...

Thanks DJ
It's great of you to lend an ear and leave a note.