Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adieu Wendo

I am sad to announce the passing of Wendo Kolosoy
This wonderful singer enriched our lives with his
song and spirit.

Here is a collection of 19 of Wendo's songs from 1948 to recent times.
Rest In Peace Papa Wendo.


Anonymous said...

thank you david for this deserved and praise worthy tribute has papa wendo founder of the congolese rumba .He leave a wonderfull piece of music and the unforgettable track marie-louise .The ground is you sweet big baobab . mbuta jojo

Anonymous said...

We say bye to the father of Congolese music Papa Wendo.It's sad to know from the reports from the burial ceremony that he left behind 60 children and almost none of them took care of him,hope it's not true.

Ambiance Congo said...

I had not heard this.
The Congolese music scene, like any other that involves celebrity, is full of all sorts stories.
The number of children that artists such as Franco and Fela supposedly fathered are tales that are also nothing short of amazing.