Monday, September 1, 2008

Ambiance Congo for August 31, 2008

I am posting after the program this time...

The program's first hour was a mix of older and newer music, starting off with a track from this great album by Djo Mpoyi.
The set included these newer CDs as well.

The second hour was devoted to requests received to hear the music of the late "Pasteur"Mopero wa Maloba and also from Dona Mobeti, with whom Mopero recorded in the 1970s. In this edition you will hear the original version of Mobeti's KADETTI 1 & 2 and, thanks to Mr.T in The Netherlands, a wonderful extended track from the 1980 reunion of Mopero and Mobeti.
You may download the program here for a limited time. After that, please find it in the Audio Archives.

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Anonymous said...

Singer and guitarist of talent, Mopero Wa Maloba, in the Seventies, had shone of thousand fires in Shama Shama at the sides of Donat Mobeti and Mambo Ley. Its songs “Vicky Shama”, “Okomi kolangua”, “Kento émancipée”, “Mama aye”, “Basaleli ngai likita” appear among greatest successes of their time.