Thursday, October 9, 2008

Choc Stars: Retrouvailles A Paris

One of the greatest multiple album sets of Congolese music is, in my opinion, the incredible four LP series, CHOC STARS RETROUVAILLES A PARIS on the Rythmes et Musique label. This is a set that I return to time and time again with joy and pleasure. Astonishingly enough, this set has never made it to CD reissue. In today's era of double CDs stuffed with filler between the good songs, I am always nostalgic for this wonderful set of albums where every song is is an "A-Side".
I bought Volumes 1, 3 and 4 one day when these were new some 20 odd years ago. My favorite record store did not have Volume 2 that day and it took me until two years ago to locate a clean copy to complete the set.
Djanana and Bozi are notable on these albums for their clear and beautiful singing, Roxy and Djomali bring their guitar and bass to top form. The compositions are all complex and danceable and to this day I still find new surprises in the intricate twists of the songs, most of which were composed by Bozi Boziana. Djanana and Djomali composed the majority of the others.
The songs I include here are the title tracks of each album. The songs from V.1 and 2 are by Bozi, from V3 we have a Djomali song and from V4 we have one by Djanana.
The jacket photos are extremely cool as well.
Please download the songs here:
If you like what you hear, and I am positive that you will, I hope that you'll request to hear more on Ambiance Congo.


Anonymous said...

A REPOST PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are the ones that I have been lokking for years and years!!!!
These albums are nowhere to get!
So please please please a repost!!!

Ambiance Congo said...

The file has been reloaded at your request!

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I love music, but these kind of music make me feel in other planet. it's one of the most beautiful albums that I've ever heard.

relationality said...

Hi DJ Daudi,

Sorry to trouble you, but could you please repost again? The link is no longer working (not surprising since it's been a couple of years since you last updated it!)

Greetings from the Netherlands and thanks in advance,


PS I love Ambiance Congo!