Friday, September 16, 2011

Ambiance Congo: Keep it coming!

Please consider a donation to keep WRIR and Ambiance Congo on the air.
Whether you listen live at the time of the broadcasts or wheteher you download the podcasts here and look at album art at a later date, your support is very important.
Should you choose to support Ambiance Congo, The Motherland Influence or any of the other programs on WRIR that play African music, you will have the opportunity to specify which program(s) you like the best. ... lp-973-fm/
Thank you very much for listening over the years and for your support at this time!
David (DJ Daudi)


Anonymous said...

I want Ambiance Congo. This program is making even my parents so happy. What is funny just because of your program my parents think I should be a DJ. Interesting comment. I would say stick with Ambiance Congo.

DJ Daudi said...

Thanks! I'm glad that the program makes people of all generations happy!
I will be very pleased to stick with it as long as the ststion can stay on the air. Did you know that NO ONE involved is paid? The station is managed, staffed and maintained by 150 volunteers.
It takes $42/day to keep us on the air. Your contributions toward that goal are appreciated!