Sunday, March 9, 2008

Les Bantous de la Capitale

Formed in 1959 as Orchestre Bantou, this band's members are still performing today as Les Bantous de la Capitale. Over the course of the next year and interspersed with our usual mix-and-request programs, I'll be bringing you a number of special editions of Ambiance Congo in which the history and music of this illustrious band will be featured.
I'll also have songs from other ventures by Bantous members...Les Nzoi, Le Peuple and more.

This post is a "heads up" for these programs and an invitation to you to request favorite songs.

No need to register here, your comments are always welcome.

To whet your appetite, I include for your pleasure a song from the rare Sonafric label LP featured at the top of this post.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, as always: more Bantous!

- Dave P

Ambiance Congo said...

Many thanks, Dave, for your visit and your comment. I am putting together a new program that will feature more music from the history of Les Bantous de la Capitale and from solo albums by Bantous members.
Look for that in September.