Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lassissi Presente...

On the last program, I played the song DEVINEZ by Philo Kola. It can be found on an album called ELLE ME REND FOU on the Sacodis label.

Sacodis was a very interesting label of Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire. They produced LPs of African artists from Burkina Faso to Congo and the RDC. You could at one time find on the Sacodis label well known artists like Amadou Balake of Burkina Faso, Stan Tohon of Benin or Bazoumana Sissoko of Mali as well as Congolese greats. They also produced lesser known artists such as Compaore Issouf and Philo Kola.

The Congolese artists they produced recordings for were musicians working in a number of styles from classic rumba odemba to Paris-style soukous. Included in this post are a few of the albums that include the banner LASSISSI PRESENTE and the name of the artist or group. on the sleeve. "Lassissi" being Sacodis producer Aboudou Lassissi.

I have never seen Sacodis albums on CD, so check the bottom of this post for a link to download a song from each album pictured here, including the title cut from Philo Kola's album.

One of my favorites is LS 42, an album of OK Jazz musicians, called AMBIANCE A KASAVOUGOU VOL 1. On this record you hear great guitars and vocals with shoutouts for the guitarists and for saxman Matalanza.

The song from this LP is MAVANGWA.

LS 45 features the early work of Minzoto Wella Wella, a fantastic album, this one with quirky vocals along with blazing guitars and horns, shows well that Sacodis was not averse to releasing records on the cutting edge.

Download the file at the bottom to hear the original PINGULA.

Another OK Jazz veteran had a solo LP with LS 46, singer Celi Bitshou, his named spelled on this jacket in one of three or four ways I've seen it printed. This is a lovely rumba album.

The song I've provided is, appropriately, a tribute song to LASSISSI.

Somewhere along the line, "Sacodis" changed to "Sacodisc International" and began to pick up Congolese music that was intentionally made for a more - as the label said - international audience.LS 100 and LS 102 are by singer Jean Baron and guitarist Dally Kimoko respectively.Both albums feature session musicians on the Paris scene in the early 80s from guitarists Diblo Dibala and Rigo Star to singers Aurlus Mabele, Ballou Canta and Wuta Mayi.

from Jean Baron, we have BATCHI and from Dally Kimoko we have SABINA.

Lassissi also produced albums under the Sacodis name on other labels like Shakara Music. One of these is an album recorded in Paris by rhythm guitarist Bopol Mansiamina. Bopol, along with Wuta Mayi, Nyboma Mwan Dido and Syran M'Benza, would go on to form the 4 Etoiles or Four Stars, a group that was instrumental in introducing Congolese music to a wider European and American audience.

Our last song is Bopol's KALA YE NGANGU.
I hope that you will enjoy this little program! https://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01HTG15Tk1Qb0pFQlE9PQ

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