Friday, February 4, 2011

Ambiance Congo for January 30, 2011

You are always welcome to enjoy the music on Ambiance Congo. I hope that you will really enjoy this edition. There are some real gems played this time around that you won't want to miss. I try to make that a part of every show, but please believe that I think it's specially true here.
There were numerous requests to hear the title song from Bana Modja's album Maya Tu, so I have that for you along with nice tracks from Celi Bitshou, Orchestre S.B.B. and Shakara Gagna-Gagna.
Our friend Apurva will be pleased to hear at least a couple of cuts that feature guitarist Rigo Star Bamundele. He masterfully adapts to as many different genres of Congolese music as there are songs presented. I may not have given him adequate credit every time he appears, but he is acknowledged already in the songs by his fellows.
I am happy to thank Samba Mapangala and his management for making it possible for me to feature the USA premiere of his new album. It's GREAT!
I played the 1st track on the CDR I made from my albums for the first song. It's not by Petit Cache.
It is instead this one
2)Viva la Musica
from the LP 13eme ANNIVERSAIRE
Gina Kiaku Production
I was cueing from the minute I hit the studio so I did not hear the song at all until I listened tonight.
So relax, have a cold beverage as you enjoy the program. I'd buy, but you know how it is.
Album covers:
You are invited to download this program here.
The track list is included in the file.
As always, this link is good for two weeks. After that, please visit the Ambiance Congo Audio Archives at, a link you can find in the Links column on this page.


Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you David. Great program!

Timothy said...

Thanks DJ Daudi for the wonderful Congolese music form Virginia.

canard said...

Great program, but sound volume is very low, is it normal?

DJ Daudi said...

I am glad that you enjoyed the program, gentlemen!

J. G. said...

que tiempos los de esa mísica así


DJ Daudi said...

Desculpeme JG
No estoy seguro si me entiendo o no. Si es una pregunta, las canciones son de los anos 70s y 80s de mayor parte.