Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ambiance Congo for January 16, 2011

Again the program features a mix of older and newer music with an emphasis on the classic sounds.
Hopefully you will find a few new discoveries and warm up to your favorites.
I enjoyed hearing again the wonderful snippets of Tabu Ley, ZAO and others in Maika Munan's song as well as the flute in the songs by M'Pongo Love and Ikomo "Djo-Djo" Ingange.
I gotta add this:
There are a good number of songs on this program in which the singer praises other singers. Jpson calls out Madilu, Madilu calls out Shiko Mawatu and others and so on from there.
It was cool I think to add the Vata Mombasa song at the end. COOL song in which we hear Canta Nyboma Mwandido sing at least two distinct parts.
Here a few ablum sleeves.

The tracklist is included with the podcast files here:
Please let me know if you'd rather see that on this page and I'll add it on.


  1. Really nice show, particularly enjoyed the Ikomo Djo-Djo track

  2. Thanks David - a great show! Apurva from Pune, India.

  3. Zim and Apurva:
    Thank you so much for your comments.
    Ikomo Ingange's album is really nice. I played the "wrong" track and it was just as good as the one I had intended to spin!