Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dino Vangu's INZA BAYOKA

Guitarist Dino Vangu recorded a number of albums under his own name. On at least three of these albums, he has presented versions of the songs INZA BAYOKA (or INZA) and KANSEBU (or KANSEBOU).
You can listen to one version of INZA, featuring the vocals of Michel Boyibanda, on the Africolombia blog -see my links- and another one here:

This version is from Dino's self-titled LP on the LL Music label. This album features the vocals of Wuta Mayi, Ntesa Dalienst and Kiesse Diambu.
To hear another song from this album, listen or download Ambiance Congo for November 11, 2007. Find it with the Ambiance Congo Archives link at left.