Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cherie Kadetti

Dona Mobeti's new CD, CHERIE KADETTI, is one that I am enjoying a lot right now.
The new songs and remakes on the album, recorded with Papa Wemba and Nyboma on vocals, features a nice guitar sebenes by Diblo Dibala and Beniko Popolipo.
The title track is one of the remakes that really stands out for me. Although it is a remake, it has its own modern flavor and character. That does not mean it is full of mabanga! The animations are very well done and add to the danceability of the sebene.
This song was recorded by Dona Mobeti on a number of other occasions.
I include two others here for your comparison and enjoyment.
Song 01 in the set, which you may download from the link posted below, is the original recorded with his Orchestre Cavacha. I've pieced it together here from the two sides of the 45RPM single.
This song is from the 1970s and has all the charm and complexity you would expect of real Congolese classic.
Song 02 is from the late 1980s or early 1990s - I don't remember exactly- and again reflects the music of its era. There is a hint of disco-era influence as well as strong reflexions of the European Congo/soukous music scene on this one.
A real high point of this album is the guitar work provided by Roxy Tshipaka and Master Mwana Congo. Vocals are by Dona Mobeti, Yenga Yenga Junior and Abia Odette.
Download here:
Which of the three is your favorite?

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  1. Cavacha one is the best, hands down, and then the third one.
    Wuod K