Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ambiance Congo for March 27, 2011

Welcome! Your comments are always welcome. Requests for future programs are always appreciated. If I have your song, I'll play it. If I do not, I'll try to get it for you. This edition features a couple of songs with Bongo Wende on guitar and rare tracks from Mavuela Somo and Sec Bidens. You'll also get to hear something by Maiwan Stars and a track from the new Wenge BCBG disc. Download a copy of the program here: http://rcpt.yousendit.com/1080732007/34ca5c953ad81d6716f61bb52fbe6e27 This link is good for two weeks, but the program can always be found in the Ambiance Congo Audio Archives, see the link on this page, hosted by Radio4all.net. Here's today's track list. PART A 1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison DTD sebene from DORIS ILOKO (this program’s theme song) from the CD PAS DE CONTACT Black Music 2)Geo Bilongo LILYNE from the CD GEO BILONGO KOUMBA M. BELLOW ET LE GROUPE MALINGA SYSTEM Afro Rythmes 3)Papy-Ipepy ZOWA MAMITSHO from the CD DROIT D’AIMER Ets. Kaluila 4)Lidjo Kwempa MAXIM from the CD LIDJO KWEMPA DE LA NOUVELLE GENERATION Black Music 5)Cooperative Un Point Un Trait AMEN AMEN from the LP ATTENTION NGO-NGO-NGO Savas 6)Zaico DANY LA PRINCESSE from the LP JUMELAGE 89 Scorpion Productions 7)Zaiko Langa-Langa LA BLONDE * from the LP GITTA PRODUCTION PRESENTE TOUT-CHOC ZAIKO LANGA-LANGA Gitta Production 8)Cheick Mavuela Somo MICKE from the LP AI - AI Tsiedou Productions PART B 9)Josky Kiambukuta & Madilu System BOLONGOLA NGAI SONI * from the CD LES DEUX GRANDS NUMEROS DANS DESTIN Ngoyarto 10)L’Orchestre Micky Micky MEME YA MARIE BELLA from the LP MAVOS-MEME-MOVUNGU ET MARIE BEBE AVEC L’ORCHESTRE MICKY MICKY Sacodis 11)Ricoco Bulambemba LUZOLO from the CD FERRY-BEAUTE 12)Modogo Gian Franco Ferre JEUNE HOMME ROCK’N from the CD 16e ARRONDISSEMENT Clam Franchi Production 13)Maiwan Stars FAUX CALCUL from the CD TAISEZ-VOUS Secteur a 14)JB M’Piana & Wenge BCBG EZALA ZALA from the CD SOYONS SERIEUX Obouo Music/Because Music 15)Dagoson MOBEMBO from the CD INCOMPREHENSION DE DAGOSON Sonima Music *=by request


  1. Many thanks for this fantastic program. A great selection in this episode. Apurva from Pune, India.

  2. You are welcome! Thanks again for your contiued support!