Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ambiance Congo Audio Archives Closing!

Sadly, I must report that the good people at will be closing down the site.
Ambiance Congo Audio Archives will no longer be available. If there is a program you like listening to or would like to hear in the future, DOWN LOAD IT NOW.
Link is below.
Thanks to all who have supported Radio4all in the past!

I posted this a while back. Things have changed with
It is our good fortune that they will be able to continue.


  1. Sad to see the archive go.

  2. Yes. Me too, my friend. From the message of regret from the host, we can only hope that some benefactor will emerge to endow the noble efforts of the Radio4all people.

  3. Sad - I hope YOU won't lose your records of past shows - and the possibility of making them available again in the future. - David S

  4. David S, I have them. I am going to make a new link that will send you to a page where you may make requests for songs to be played or for reloads of past programs.

  5. I always believed that Radio4all and AC was indestructible - I was so wrong... I am very sorry and sad at this news. Apurva from Pune, India.

  6. Yes, Apurva. It's sad. Judging from the email they sent, it seems the only thing that could keep the great Radio4all alive would be the patronage of some great benefactor.