Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank you, Paul Mwema

Three years ago, as part of an event sponsored by a local university art gallery, I was asked join in a foum discussion about the passion for music and, more specifically, why people collect records.
As the event ended, I was approached by gentleman I had never met before. He introduced himself as Paul Mwema. Paul, originally from Lubumbashi, has lived in Richmond for a number of years and he has called me on the telephone during Ambiance Congo radio programs many times to comment and to make requests for songs. It has always been a joy to speak with him.
It was my pleasure to meet Paul face to face. We chatted briefly, and then he reached into a small bag he was carrying and handed me this plaque:

It hangs in the hallway at WRIR, just outside the studio.
Every time I see this plaque, Paul, I remember that you had this made on your own initiative, with your own resources and on your own time. I remember your kindness and good spirit. You have had an impact upon my life, sir.
Thank you, again, Paul Mwema.